Next Level Men's Group

Comfort is the privilege of the complacent

The Need

All around us there is an ever-accelerating, non-stop cry for men to step into their God ordained and designed leadership as men.   As this cry is getting louder and louder, we are finding and seeing men (especially in the church) asleep at the wheel and in a constant sedated state of mind as the enemy continues in the pursuit of the decimation of our bodies, souls, families, and finances.

In Genesis 1:26-27 we see that God made man (us) in His image and gave us dominion over everything on the earth.   As men, we all like the sound of being in power and having control over everything around us, but we continue to fail at actually stepping up in our God-given authority in bringing the love, control, protection, and guidance that we are called to bring.   This failure to step up has brought us to where we are at in today's society as a whole as well as where men are in their inner workings.

We need to wake up and realize that this battle is not won by simply letting things happen or allowing things to remain as they are.  We need to realize that it is not about leaving an inheritance for the generations after us but rather a legacy of men and a society of God-fearing and honoring human beings that are setting up God's Kingdom here on earth.

The How

How we do anything is how we do everything.  When we fail as men in our relationship with God, we fail as leaders of our families, jobs, and finances.   When we fail in these 4 main areas of our lives there is no possible way to effectively lead in any other area of our lives.

We will adopt and focus in on the 4 R.U.K. pillar system in Faith, Family, Fitness, and Finance.  We as men in the church need to not only be successful in all four of these areas in the territories we have been given in this kingdom on earth, but we also need to be willing and able to take them all to the next level for the legacy of dominion to continue forward for generations to come.

Men need to be challenged spiritually, physically, and emotionally.  In 1 Samuel 17:1-25 we see a young and anointed king rise to the occasion when not only was his family and nation under a challenging enemy but also when his knowledge of the one true God was being mocked and challenged.  David didn't hide behind his iPhone or his Facebook sessions.  He didn't turn to pornography and sedation tactics; he didn't make excuses as to why he couldn't step up (when we all know he could have just walked away).  Something inside of David came alive on that battlefield.   We not only see a victory in the physical but also a victory in the spiritual formation of the man within.

It's time for the men of today's society to do the same!

The 4 Pillar System


Only through God do we find the strength and guidance to be the husband, father, friend, and the man that He created us to be from the onset of creation.


Our first call as men is to oversee, guide, and love those whom God has called us to take care of.   Creating a legacy that will last for generations will change the world.


Can we actually physically do what we think we can?  When a warrior goes to battle there is training and testing that comes with the promotion of war.   The opportunity of fulfillment lies within the physical efforts in a man's body.  Once discovered, the power can arise within him and the true warrior will come forth.


When it comes to our finances, do we actually facilitate a growth system that creates long standing wealth and security for our families and businesses?  God has blessed us with the opportunity to take our God-given talents and multiply them.   Our finances can be an avenue in which God moves His kingdom forward.

The 4 pillar system is a lifestyle being chosen by men all over the world.  What will you choose?

Program Outlook

Program events and durations

Next Level Intensive - 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM (15 hrs)

90 Day Sprint Begins - 90 Days

(3) 1/2 Day Continuing Education Sessions - 7:00 AM - 12:00 PM (5 hrs)

Saturday Morning Fitness Sessions - 5:00 AM - 6:00 AM

Sunday Morning Depth Bible Study - 7:30 AM - 8:45 AM (1:15 hrs)

90 Day Sprint Conclusion Event - Pending group schedules

What's your Next Level?

To sign up for the next wave text: 307-331-5140